Sep. 5th, 2012

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Welcome to a new sort of everything.

It's September. That's usually when this all happens, so I can't say it's out of character. New place to live - that's happened before, lots of times. Never totally on my own terms like this time, but lots of times.

New job. Well, not *that* new. When the call came, out of the blue, they asked if I could start four days after the interview. It was *physically* possible, sure. But it might kill me.

It didn't kill me.

New people! I'm very surprised still to be meeting new people. It's teaching me a little bit about who I am, though, to meet new people and still be, myself the same person. I'm meeting them in a variety of capacities --- singing, dancing, just being people --- and sadly sort of cauterizing a few old connections to people. I won't go so far as to call it "necessary" surgery, but it certainly had the feeling of emergency surgery. VAGUEBOOKING!

THere's a sort-of-beginning I have pretty good reason not to talk about just yet, so I'll STFU there for now.

Oh, looks, Pixel is attempting to play the piano. I hope that she remains more interested in that than in eating the wires that connect it to the world, or any wires in general. Vain hope, I"m sure.

Nice to check in here once in a while.

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