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Dream time.

So I woke up about an hour ago. I had had a dream, and like some of the best dreams it had something of a "conclusion". Before I start, some quick possible influences:
1. Trip to Ikea last night
2. Trip to Montreal a couple of weeks ago
3. Earth Star Voyager, old Disney movie about kids leaving Earth to establish a colony
4. General family vacations
5. Probably WALL-E
6. Probably the war in Gaza - especially my discussion with my father about the planning for it
7. The urgency of everything in "Scrubs"
8. Reading synopses of "A Fire Upon the Deep"
9. Probably "After the Gold Rush" by Neil Young
10. Recent online discussion of "Total Recall"
11. Top Gun, I bet, which was also on TV last night, and my aviation-specific commentary about it.

The quick rundown is that I wind up with my family on a trip by car to somewhere in Southern Ontario from which a space ship will be launched, according to broadcasts and rumours that I can't get my parents to confirm. This is obviously absurd, though, because if you're evacuating Toronto and trying to get millions of people on a ship, you can bet that the ship would be clearly visible in its construction stages; also, still nothing has been launched into space besides a bunch of cheesy shuttles, even in the dream.

But the whole process started as preparation for a road trip; I was in a club in Montreal, sort of a student campus pub, for science students - Chemistry I believe, based on its location on McGill campus - and we were talking about how the room didn't really fit the space allotted to it, and there were gaps between its walls and the stairs. Shortly, I was leaving the club and we were driving back to Toronto in one of the old minivans my family used to have; we were headed back to Toronto but with very short turnaround time.

Mostly, people stayed in the car while I made one last trip into the house, to grab a couple more books (my undergraduate Biochemistry book, which I remember barely reading and, in the dream, there being tons of instructions for things like bombs or biological computing devices; and an undergraduate physics book with some useful information on space flight).

But as we're leaving the house, I notice that our dog Mookie is still there, and one other little dog. I asked my family at that point whether we'd want her to stay without ready access to food and water, and basically how she would be able to get along during the entire course of our space flight, until we returned? One of my siblings suggested that we perhaps put her down before we leave, and make it easier. My father was adamant, though, that Mookie be allowed to run around and we'd clean up the place when we got back.

We then crammed into the car and hit the road, driving the stretch East along Eglinton toward the edge of town, though it looked a little bit like the stretch of the 401 leading toward the Thousand Islands area. We had the radio on, and were looking at the other drivers; everyone seemed focused on this evacuation of our area, though I still can't remember to what exactly it was supposed to be a response. It might have been something to do with environment, possibly something to do with invasion. It seemed urgent - it was to be happening by early January - and it seemed like it might take several weeks to sort out and allow people to return. Near the Laird area, I remember seeing people I knew, or middle-weight celebs, not in cars, and thus clearly would be left behind from our life-saving exodus. Had they already given in to the inevitability of whatever apocalypse was coming? Or had they just not heard about the possibility of salvation?

But in the meantime, I was thinking, "the government couldn't possibly have learned about whatever disaster was coming long enough ago to implement a space program."

We drove past bodies of water with ships in them; what looked like long-crashed Submarines were being towed or somehow steered out of the mire and towards the complex to which we were headed. There were huge lines of cars, mostly full of panicked families, and we got to the destination site sometime during a sunny afternoon. We drove along a sort of assembly-line route once we were inside, and there were a number of boats (many modeled on sea mammals, for some reason) on display through large glass windows alongside the inner roads - or maybe corridors - through which we were driving. Here and there, some enormous vehicles were visible, actually outside but near windows that pointed outside - but for some reason, though they were high-techish, I recognized them as new, but earthly, airplanes and boats, and definitely not space vessels.

I remember walking toward the room through some sort of elevated, windowed corridor, like the one connecting the Biology buildings at McGill, or the one connecting Whitney block to MacDonald at Queen's Park. While looking out at the big planes and boats, I ran into someone - someone I knew, who was some sort of actor, dressed in a suit and looking very official, though it probably wasn't someone I really know. He intimated that this whole process was a big media stunt of some sort, not in so many words, but by that point I was pretty convinced that there was to be no trip into space.

I can't remember whether I had my iPhone or not, or where I was getting occasional "updates" from that my family wasn't. Some of these suggested that the "Evacuation" was actually geared at getting groups of some undesirable parts of society - like artists, certain ethnic groups - all together so that they would be out of the way for some event that was about to take place. I don't remember leaving the minivan, but eventually we were in a room with several hundred other people; not a very advanced thing, something more like a room at a Bed and Breakfast, if a large one.

A pole was mounted somewhere near the room's large master bed. It opened outward to reveal a sort of roll-out LCD screen, and a female announcer appeared on the screen. Music started playing, a sort of preamble, talking about the history leading up to these preparations for launch. I started to notice things like MTV logos on the screens, and it was at this point that I disconnected from the dream's narrative.

It didn't go much further once I'd made up my mind that the whole trip wasn't real, and what remained to the dream was pretty abstract, mostly recollection of this whole thing as a "media stunt" to raise awareness of the environment and how far away space travel was, and how we wouldn't be leaving Earth anytime soon so we'd better get used to trying to save it. And I remember thinking, "sure, but what if we'd put Mookie down before we left? Nice stunt there, assholes."

Except maybe it would have make enough of an impact to save part of the world and its environment? I don't remember how wide the scope was; for some reason I think of it as relating to the provincial government and that being pretty much it.

At any rate, I woke up once during the dream, noticing my room, and thinking "well, PART of that was a dream, but the whole upcoming evacuation thing is still real, right? I'd been hearing about it for weeks." Fell back asleep, question still unresolved.

I assume Earth is not being evacuated at the moment.

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