Top Five

Dec. 27th, 2015 02:25 am
kinra: (lion cute)
[personal profile] kinra
Just finished watching Chris Rock's "Top Five".

It was pretty good, heartfelt and sincere about showbiz compromises without wallowing too hard. A lot of good silliness.

Watched a few Jessica Joneses today with [ profile] theyellowline after we got back from our short, functional Boxing Day jaunt to Queen West. It was a relatively mellow afternoon, though I've been cranky this weekend as I reestablish something resembling a diurnal sleep schedule.

Planning to join the Y in the new year. Lots of reasons for this.

Put together a few models, particularly a Metal Earth Cessna 172 of which I'm quite proud -- it's not too well-thought-out a set of assembly instructions, as the bottom of the fuselage won't gracefully attach once you've put together the rest of it (and the propeller), but it looks great in the end. Assembled the Reaper Bones Clockwork Dragon and Cthulhu, finally, which don't even really need glue but benefitted from a little bit. On further inspection the Reaper Bones models are really nicely detailed, particularly the Chronoscape sci-fi troopers. Compare favourably to some of my metal Space Marine types.

Had picked up both Alien and Fury Road on the Google Play store during their sale last week. Jen grabbed Last Five Years. Trying to be a bit more particular with my Comixology purchases, though I just scooped up a few Image titles on discount. I don't read them as quickly as I want to, and I don't always enjoy them when I do. I could do with a cull of attention-sinks because attention seems to be the most precious commodity I've got these days, besides time with Jen.

One more classic Starblazers/Yamato model to build then I can put together the ships from the 2199 series. That'll be a big psychological hurdle to surmount. If I can tackle that, I might even consider trying to organize all of my X-Wing ships. And then... the sky's the limit, right? Organizing my MW:DA stuff, even trying to play some 10mm games with one of the various rulesets floating around (Future War Commander's the leading candidate).

I like when the words flow. Working where I work has really forced me to overconsider everything I write to the extent that there's very little spontaneous (self-indulgent) expression -- and Twitter, of course, has forced thoughts into these grotesque, truncated veal pens.

It's a weird time for the written word, isn't it?
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