Mar. 30th, 2015 04:11 pm
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Just so I'm not only posting when things are glum and bad.

I'm mostly just very excited to meet a new kiddo, on the part of one of my oldest friends and his partner in crime. Went to a very, very nice preliminary welcome for the little one -- who's going to be facing a health challenge right out of the box, but will be surrounded with love.

There's not a lot to report, here. Not much in the way of professional updates -- that's not what I really use this venue for. And personally, well, there's [ profile] theyellowline and that's the granddaddy of status quo of good times.

Home office has been rearranged nicely -- we're sort of wrestling the old house into a nice shape for habitation, hospitality, what-have-you. Spent a chunk of time yesterday going over finances, which once again--I'm not the best at, but TYL is the best at, so I've figured out some ways to keep even keel. Still, a stressful night, but exposure therapy innit.

This is my last "compressed work week" day for a while, on the other hand. It was nice to use for its various domestic purposes, and on the one hand I'll miss it. On the other hand, it never turned out to be worth the tradeoffs.

Heading back into school, really enjoying the course (in general) but know I've got to turn up the juice in terms of getting the homework done early lest I run the risk of more sleepless nights. Work is bad enough in that regard.

TL;DR: things are okay in a way that if I have any bad days, I can look back on today as one of the good days. And things are okay in a way that if any of you are having bad days, come by. We can feed you, entertain you, and provide hang-out-with-cats time.
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