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Caught up on the Leijiverse, a bit. Did you know that Uchuu Senkan Yamato not only premiered on October 6, 1973, but was, in-Universe, launched on October 6, 2199? So, as good a reason as any to be a fan. Though it was revisited on account of the whole inspiring-Galaxion thing, and then on account of thinking and reading all sorts of things about spaceship board games. Playing spaceship games on my phone and computer. Space ships. Cardboard boxes.

Where was I?

Today I was at the Archives, which is pretty cool. They have been transplanted from a concrete cube downtown, up to a glass cube at York, which is remote, desolate, and strangely appropriate for such an enterprise. I think about what sorts of decisions it takes to decide what is--and what isn't--history. About how it speaks to epistemology, which makes me think about a post I just read about Feminist Epistemology, and situation of knowledge, and do we have the right archivists and everything, maybe they should be a council?

A board.

It's late, which is why I'm writing, because sometimes I need to run out the clock until the words flow, so that I can get other words onto paper. Specifically the words in this report that's been overdue for weeks and weeks while my life comes together.

Life comes together.

I probably haven't written here much at all since meeting the love of my life, not to say that every day that came before was desolate and lonely. But I suppose one day you wake up and you know? And then you build a future, which is what's been going on most days. We know where we'll live, and how. And with whom; with which cats. These aren't things I knew, like, eleven months ago, but now it's eleven months later.

It's late.

The words are finally flowing and it's time for me to direct that current into the task at hand. Just wanted to say hello.
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