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Hey, a thing happened.

Or rather, a thing didn't happen yet: as a consequence, I'm in a bit of a detente when it comes to service to Her Majesty. This means I get to be in service of the not-so-Royal "I" for a week or so. Laundry! Sleep! Self-maintenance!

...and new episodes of Squideye and The Bitter Guy uploaded only four months after recording!

Judge away, my friends. Judge me like crazy.

Maybe I'll bump up my N7 score, this week. Finish the grant report (now that I know exactly what's needed - and finishing it a month in advance of the deadline is about right).

Maybe I'll see old friends, long gone. Heck, I've already run into a friend I haven't seen in 21 years, and we're grabbing a cup of something chemically active sometime today.

I've seen my family! Twice! In a week! Built a gazebo with my brother and father, in advance of the upcoming sororal nuptials.

You know, even though it's not legitimately "change" per se, the simple fact of a week off of work is enough to qualify as an unfamiliar situation. This, to go along with moving, relationship reconfiguration (read: ending), loss of longtime family pet, and all sorts of other stuff.

Certainly qualified me for a new haircut.

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